Want to get a TON of free, legit shares on your Facebook posts?

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If you’re sure you do, the best way to do it is to not talk about yourself, but lift up others. Like this, which got over 500 likes:

Now here are some things which you probably didn’t know:

  • Facebook remembers the virality of old posts– so go back to ones that did well and comment back. They’ll light back up again, as new, building upon your existing number of shares.
  • Share it to your public figure page, which is not the same as your user profile– you can boost from your page, but not your profile. Learn the dollar a day Facebook hack to get the most out of it.
  • Share video snippets– did you know that if you share from your public figure page, that you can create a new post using an existing video, and that video will inherit the views already on it?

Here’s what NOT to do if you want to damage your brand:

  • Talk incessantly about yourself– nobody cares, unless you’re a celebrity. And even if you are well-known, doing so can appear pompous.
  • Use hashtags– sorry, this isn’t Twitter.
  • Forget to reply or ignore the audience feedback– it tells the community and Facebook’s audience that your “house” is abandoned. So they’re not want to show you in the newsfeed anymore. This is the “edgerank” that we’ve talked about for years.

Once you have a winner, pin that post to your timeline, whether on your profile, public figure page, or company page.

Then when people visit your page for the first time, this is what they see:

831 likes– not bad, huh?

But they won’t know that you boosted that post to get more reach.
It’s not “cheating” because they’re not fake likes– they are real friends of yours (if you targeted properly) that actually care about what you have to say.

For those of you who are authors, speakers, and coaches that use this technique to generate more authority, you will have to choose whether you want a blue check mark on your public figure page or your user profile. You get only one:

Facebook typically recommends you put the blue check mark on your public page figure page, but I prefer to do it on my user profile.

If you’re already maxed out the 5,000 friend limit (which I am), then all the more reason to use your public figure page.

So good luck with getting your posts more exposure, where you boost or not I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!

PS– please do not contact me to get yourself verified on Facebook or Twitter. I get hundreds of requests for this, so anyone who wants to get verified can take the steps we outline.


  1. Love this article Dennis!

  2. Anyone who is an author, speaker, or coach needs to have several posts that get over 1,000 likes each to demonstrate authority.

  3. Dennis, nice insights on public figure vs personal user page. Would you mind elaborating why you chose to get the blue checkmark on your user profile page vs your public figure page?


    • Hi Allan-- good question.

      Facebook does recommend that most public figures choose their page instead of their profile.
      I am an unwilling public figure, so I prefer to have my profile. And I am not so big that I'd have a million fans, even though I have been maxed out at the 5,000 friend limit for a few years.

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