Success Habits: What I Learned By Interviewing Dozens Of Top Entrepreneurs


As a podcast host, I get the unique opportunity to probe my guests and dig up the best advice they have to offer. My job is to uncover the story behind the story. They describe their biggest lessons, failures, and accomplishments as entrepreneurs.

Their industries vary, their styles are unique, and the products are all over the place, I always see a few commonalities between the guests.

Success leaves clues. Here are five common themes I’ve picked up while interviewing dozens of top entrepreneurs on my show “The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast”:

1. They Move Fast, and Break Things

The people with the most progress and experience have failed more times than all the others – that’s what makes them an expert. These people learned to dive headfirst into problem solving, fail fast, and learn quickly. This allows them to make progress at a much faster pace than most people, who get stuck in what we call “analysis paralysis” and don’t take enough action.

I also notice that momentum brings velocity. When I’m ramping up big time to do something for my business, it’s almost like the world shifts around me to light a path. No matter how bumpy that path may be, I know I am speeding through it and getting up quick if I fall.

2. They Are Really Good At A Few Things, and Delegate The Rest

Look at any of the world’s top business leaders and what they do each day. Are they answering customer service calls? Packing boxes? Writing code? Absolutely not.

They are directors of the business, and they don’t take that title lightly. As a director, their duty is to understand the big picture, assemble and lead a team, win the hearts and open the wallets of their target market, and be on the defensive to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

3. Their Time Is Precious

They understand they can’t be everywhere and do everything – so they focus on their strengths and are protective of their time.

This includes eliminating wasted time, becoming less accessible, and having assistants and other managers handle the majority of requests.

4. Their Vision Is Grand

Leaders are some of the most interesting people to talk to because they’ve been through a TON of challenges. The lessons they’ve learned along the way are carried with them forever, and just by listening to a conversation with these leaders you become a little bit smarter!

Their vision is grand for themselves and their companies because their ambition and drive is key to being a leader. That drive is contagious, flowing through the entire organization and their audiences. They use their visions to direct people, activities, and resources.

5. They Are Relentless Networkers

The most successful people I know have huge networks of people in all different industries and locations. As more people network online, the opportunities for collaboration and communication are endless! They understand that the more they can serve their network, the more doors they can open in the future.

They are constantly shaking hands, kissing babies, and introducing you to people.


Overall, the most common theme I see among my guests is a general distaste for the status quo. They are dreamers, creatives, hustlers, and game changers who do everything in their power to push the needle and make an impact on the world. That’s why I’m proud to call myself an entrepreneur and make a difference for my friends, clients, and Facebook group full of other young entrepreneurs! If you’d like to connect with us, come on in and I’ll introduce you to the crew.

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