A Simple Two-Step Formula for Success


Success can often feel so out of reach and at the same time just around the corner. How is it that some entrepreneurs are able to seize opportunites and accomplish big things in a short amount of time?

Like most everything in life, there is a system. In this case, there is a simple, yet hugely effective formula that has allowed me to find success quickly. The funny thing is, most people are doing one or the other – but few do both in order. I’ve found that when I do both pieces of the equation, amazing things happen.

Here’s the formula:


Dead simple, right? But how many times have you met an amazing person, only to never follow up again? And how many times have you gotten an idea that you want to take action on, only to let it flutter away in your imagination until it disappears?

There are only two real ways of achieving what you want: intentional networking and taking action. And they must be done together to have a real impact. Let’s dive in and discuss each one individually.

Intentional Networking

Wait, networking is dead, duh! Hardly.

In this day and edge it is all around us. It is disguised as social media, commenting on articles, having discussions in Facebook groups and Messenger chats. Networking isn’t the problem. But few are actually taking advantage and reaping the rewards that comes with networking.

Networking has gotten a bad reputation. You may shudder when you hear the word. I don’t blame you. I was not a fan of networking for a long time. I prefer deep, one-on-one conversations versus quick small talk. It’s just how I am wired.

However, spending all of my time dreaming won’t yield results.

Networking with a clear intention of developing deeper relationships changes the entire game. And, there’s an app for that. I came across Shapr last year in March and in about 6 months it literally changed my life. You see, I had just moved from Hawaii to Chicago and had a very small network in the city. It was the first time I had lived in the Midwest.
Using Shapr, I was able to find action-oriented entrepreneurs and executives who, like me, wanted to connect and build better relationships. I’ll admit, at first it was hard. Swiping left or right on profiles and hoping that you are a match is sort of terrifying. But as I got over that fear, I began to match with more people than not.
The next step was reaching out and setting up coffee meetings or phone calls via the in-app chat feature. Again, it took a little effort to get over the fear of rejection, but after that faded, it became a lot easier and a lot more fun. The more I talked with people and shared my story and experiences, the more confident I became in myself and my value to others.
I then began to be much more intentional with my networking. I knew who I was and what value I could offer others. Now, it was a matter of making strong connections through friendships in order to develop the right kind of relationships. My intent is not to take, but to give. Focusing on the other person lets me learn more about them, what they are looking for, and how I can help them.
Through my Shapr networking efforts, I ended up meeting and befriending the top 1% real estate broker in Chicago, IL USA, have met and become friends with several technology startup founders, was asked to guest lecture on brand strategy for the Chicago Urban League Entrepreneurship Program, and have partnered with a Hollywood production company to host a series of workshops. I have become much more comfortable with meeting people, sharing what I do, and learning about others. But all of this wouldn’t have been possible without the second part of the equation: focused action-taking.

Focused Action-Taking

What do I mean by focused action-taking? You may be saying to yourself, “But Benjamin, you have taken massive action to meet all of these incredible entrepreneurs and people who you are now partnering with! What other action would you need to take?”

Meeting people and hearing their stories and experiences is only half of the formula. Yes, action is required, but not the action that I am talking about now. Taking focused action after you have met a potential business partner is all about following through and developing a plan, putting things in place, and realizing your dreams.


Here’s an example of what I mean by taking action. I received an invite for coffee off of the angel.co website in early November 2016. A few days later, I met up with them at a local Starbucks on a Friday morning. We got to talking, sharing our backgrounds, experiences, and current projects. By the end of the meeting we had agreed to partner on a series of workshops targeted towards the film industry in Chicago teaching brand strategy and film finance to directors, producers, screenwriters, and creatives. Fast forward about 6 weeks later and our first workshop will be held on January 28th in 2017.

In this case, it took focused action on both of our parts to make this plan come to life. We found a synergy, a gap in the market, and devised a plan to attack it. Taking action is the critical, and often missing piece of the puzzle.

Follow the Formula, Find Success

The bottom line is that without intentional networking and focused action-taking, most ideas, dreams, or concepts fall apart. You can be intentional about your networking, but fail to follow up. You can also take action, but fail to build an audience. Both intentional networking and focused action-taking are required to make things happen. I wish you much success in 2017. Here’s to being intentional with your networking and taking massively focused action!

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(Brand Strategist, Founder)

Benjamin Warsinske is a recognized thought leader on brand strategy and designing exceptional brand experiences. He is the founder and CEO of BrandedWorld.co, Inc., a firm that strategically applies data and design principles to develop cohesive brand experiences. His new book, GroundWork: The Foundation for an Unshakable Brand is now available on Amazon.


  1. Incredible quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment Maurine! I have found the more intentional I am about what I am doing (networking, business, goal), the better results I see. What is a goal of yours that you can refine to be more intentional with your actions? Try it out - I'd love to hear about your results!

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