Jordan Franze is Proving Himself Globally


Have you ever wanted to be an internationally known entrepreneur?

This has become a vast reality for Adelaide born, Jordan Franze. Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Franze admits he had a relatively normal childhood; although he was obsessed with entrepreneurship. Growing up in school had been Jordan’s greatest struggle, he always felt like a ‘square peg in a round hole’, he admitted that school started to cause troubles and conflict in his home and family life. Franze said he got distracted writing down his goals and planning ambitious adventures.
By age 13 Jordan and his dreams met reality, with him making over $4000 online.

Ever since Franze has been more motivated and driven than ever to do more, be more and become more. Now at age 18 Franze is currently running a successful consultancy business, helping organisations globally to plan and implement modern sales and marketing strategies.

So what can we learn from this incredibly young and ambitious entrepreneur?

  1. Age Means Nothing

    Jordan is only 18 but has reached goals and levels that most could only dream of, When questioned on what Jordan’s challenge in the game of entrepreneurship has been, he replied with the criticism of his age, but then said something that I will never forget ‘Results do the talking’. We can all learn that no matter your age, gender, sexuality and or your circumstances you can always do or create something that will change the world immensely.

  2. Leave a legacy

    Once you pass away you want to be remembered, spoken about and most of all have your family, friends and those around you safe and secure. One of the biggest things that stood out about Jordan was his passion of making a difference in this world, but more so to leave a legacy for his family, friends and those around him. Jordan is huge in giving back to people, making more of his life but most of all, impacting those around him for the greater good.

  3. Give Back

    When speaking with Jordan he insisted that he wants to give back to the community in anyway shape or form he can. This is such a selfless act of kindness that everybody should learn from.


If you haven’t connected with Jordan Franze, I suggest you look at him and his website

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