From Entrepreneurship to Better Entrepreneurship – Two Heads are Certainly Better than One


The present millennium is all about entrepreneurship, but there is something even more exciting about the present decade than the previous one– young entrepreneurs. There was a time when you’d expect entrepreneurs were at least half way into their 30’s when their ventures started to gain momentum. But, the tables have turned now and young is the code.

In this very category falls the young duo – Rafi Chowdhury and Jeet Banerjee – that has come up with an entirely alluring range of skin care and cosmetics. Organic Allure is another brain child of this Jeet and Rafi duo, who have been doing very well for their age in their particular industries. Both hailing from immigrant families in the U.S. have forged quite a name for themselves.

Rafi Chowdhury is the name behind the skyrocketing success of firm like DYL, Shapes Brow Bar, RMLA Beauty, Wound Care Surgeons, Easley. He is a popular 26-year-old blogger who contributes to platforms like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,, BuzzFeed, and more. Jeet, on the other hand, is a young 24-year-old serial entrepreneur who is behind major successes like StatFuse and Visionary Media Group, businesses worth millions.

What is Organic Allure?

Let’s begin with what Organic Allure is not. It is not a boastful range of products meant to dupe you in the name of exclusivity and purity. It is not one of those cosmetics, which claim to be natural but are not. It does not just buy outsourced products and private label it. Sounds genuine?

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Organic Allure is that venture that Rafi and Jeet have created with all their conviction. With authentic production of all the products that feature on, these guys offer the best of what they have learned from their lessons in entrepreneurship – a fair deal.

What Does Rafi Chowdhury Do?

Rafi is best known for his immense talent with fetching traffic to websites and adding remarkably to their revenue. He is also one of the well-known growth hacking gurus in the United States of America. According to, he is “the go-to guy for traffic generation”, while Start-up Dhaka has hailed him as one of the youngest and most successful marketers that ever to came from Bangladesh. He is one web analytics expert who’s learned a lot from his early entrepreneurial life, while he was still a teenager. Now, he looks to explore newer shores of entrepreneurship within FMCG. He believes that with hard work, should also come, the skill of smart work.

What Does Jeet Banerjee Do?

Jeet is an ideal serial entrepreneur who took a leap from odd jobs after high school, to making an empire of a business and setting an example in the world of entrepreneurship and consulting. He has to his credit StatFuse, one of the biggest platforms connecting student, teachers, coaches and education providers. He also owns Visionary Media, a house of cutting edge media and marketing technology. He has been featured on Yahoo, The New York Times, Yes Magazine, TEDx and more. He believes that money is elusive, so chase your passion and the money will find you.

How A Casual Meeting Fostered Entrepreneurship?

While both these young men had been working closely with the beauty industry, it was not before the Oscar night in 2015 that they had met. Though Rafi had interviewed Jeet once for his vlog, it was the Oscars event that the camaraderie was formed.

Rafi is on the extreme right; Jeet is 2nd from left.

Rafi is the one behind terrific Google rankings of Shapes Brow Bar and RMLA Beauty. From there on, when they realised that their experience with entrepreneurship and marketing was worth forming a new venture, Organic allure was born. It was also partly due to Rafi’s intent to move beyond consulting. And, with a serial entrepreneur like Jeet, it only made so much sense.

Why Beauty and Wellness?

Okay, there is a big market for beauty and wellness, and that only means fewer chances of surviving, leave alone thriving. Then, why this niche?

No matter how big beauty and wellness e-commerce has grown, there is still some place at the top for those who do not outsource. This is that place which the duo eyes. California and the rest of the United States very well needed products that are specialised and not just some concoctions that are manufactured in bulk and sold under different private labels.

What New Will These Guys Bring Along?

While cosmetics and wellness products are available wholesale online, there is still a line of authentic products that are worth the money you are spending on them. With products coming from the lap of the Himalayas and the deep jungles of Ethiopia, the products here are unique, and not to forget, 100% what they claim to be.

As of now, the website offers two most precious skincare products – the Himalayan Salt Body Scrub from Organic Allure With Lychee Essential Oil, which is doing exceptionally well, and the soon to be launched, 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub With Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter. Both bring the promise of being 100% natural, made with authentic ingredients. Since both, Rafi and Jeet have been actively associated with the beauty and wellness industry, what Organic Allure is about is original products at the best of prices; something that you as well as the e-commerce industry is much in need of.

So, let’s wait and watch how the allure of Organic Allure works for Rafi, Jeet, and us.


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