At a young age, Ahamed was keen to succeed founder CEO of Amz Trainer out of Denver, CO.



Ashraf Ahamed is a 33-year old guy, who is a digital marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur. He is also the founder & CEO of Amz Trainer out of Denver, CO.

At a young age, Ahamed was keen to succeed. During his school days, he dreamt about starting his own business. His father was a successful businessman and hence, Ahamed might have got this attitude through heredity. He attempted lots of smaller businesses but only to vain.

To quote an experience, he tried creating a local yellow pages business, but he faced a terrible failure. Then, he went on to explore Agro business to carry out imports and exports from India and Singapore. But, he couldn’t succeed in this too.

However, he didn’t think about quitting. He was always after his passion to run his own business. Ahamed got an opportunity to launch Software IT consultancy. In this too, he failed due to lack of knowledge and experience.

After some two years gap, he came up with his own Call Bike Company overseas in India, in which he faced lots of legal issues from the federal government and hence, had to put this off again.

It seemed like life was showing only failures to Ahamed and he started losing hope. He even started doubting his skills and knowledge. All of a sudden, to his surprise, he heard about carrying out business on Amazon marketplace. But, he didn’t have sufficient money to buy the course. He had to use his credit card to enroll in a course to learn about the system. Out of that, he launched a product from the end of his savings.

At the time, he was almost bankrupt before he had his final try. After he launched his product, he could see that things were not in place and saw only slow sales initially. And, hence he was about to quit.

Then, one day, he told himself that, “Enough is enough and I need to make this business work for me and this is my final choice/chance. I can’t keep on pushing and try business after business”.

He started following a few proven mentors to cut his learning curve and also to avoid some expensive errors. He started learning the ins and outs of Amazon FBA system and sponsored product ads system and eventually he started making sales. He launched product after product and his sales flooded. He was able to make six figures in a month. But, he didn’t stop with this. He went on to expand his business to other Amazon marketplaces like Canada, India, and Japan.

Ahamed then started thinking about millions of people, who are planning to collaborate with Amazon. There isn’t any appropriate coaching class to help them. This kindled Ahamed to create an ongoing business journey experience to help thousands of people out there. He worked hard day and night to create his own coaching workshop called ‘AMZ Trainer’.

Today, AMZ Trainer has thousands of members and still counting. Thus, he is able to change the people’s lives by extending his support. His helping nature is changing the people’s lives for good. He is focusing on helping people by educating them about Amazon FBA business and tips and tricks to skyrocket their sales. Recently, Ahamed launched a monthly group coaching call as a FREE addition to help his members/students.

AMZ Trainer has been widely featured on various media outlets like INC, Business, ABC, CNN, and so on. He is focusing towards helping his students by providing ‘VALUE to the CORE’.

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