The Future Doesn't Belong to the Millennials Anymore


I’m 50 years old. I am still young at heart. I still have goals, dreams and things I am passionate about (hint – PURPOSE). I have the internet. This is the the most exciting time of my life. Oh and I still have lots of time…

What would you get if you used the following formula?

GenX/Babyboomer Experience + Youthful Vigour of Millennials + The Internet

You will get the #Perennial Generation

It doesn’t matter how old you are! The internet has changed everything. We are ALL still childlike to it. It’s not just for the Millennials or GenZ. Now is your time. Now is my time. Now is the perfect time. There has never been a better time. Join us fellow #Perennials.

Look at the other #Perennials like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and Kerwin Rae to name just a few.

The internet isn’t just for this or the next generation. I believe it is actually creating new generations from older ones. I am what I consider to be a #Perennial. The long lasting and indefinite generation (thank you Internet).

PERENNIAL: Lasting for an indefinitely long time. Enduring. Perpetual. Everlasting. Continuing. Recurrent.

Did you know that you can start today to pursue your passion whether you are 40, 60 or 80yo virtually for FREE! If you have a an idea, a mobile phone, a Wifi or Internet connection and still have some gumption you can start a business for ZERO dollars!!!

You just have to be willing to work. You might (not necessarily) have to give up Game of Thrones, MKR or whatever else you watch on TV to truly smash it, but all it will take is time and energy. We all have that! If you lack energy it’s because you’ve lost your passion. You gave up and settled. You have listened to OPR’s (Other People’s Rules) for far too long. The hardest part will be breaking free from the mental shackles you have allowed yourself to be held back with.

Find your passion. Find your purpose.

Start now. There is time. Join me…become a #PERENNIAL! Imagine the combination of the wisdom of experience with the attitude or unbridled youthful vigor and the internet? What the f@ck are you waiting for? #letsdothis!!

If you want more on this, listen to Gary Vaynerchuk in this video:

I guess you could say:

What’s old is new again!

Dave Clare, Leader for a new generation.

Dave Clare is the Prophet for Purpose, leader of a new generation. He is a speaker, author, award winning business coach ( and the host of Dave's on a mission to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. His book SIMPLIFIED: Leadership Is Simple. You Lead People is launching in 2017. Say G'day Snapchat, Twitter: prophet4purpose or IG, FB: prophetforpurpose

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