Standing Up. Drawing your line in the sand. Putting yourself first. Being Bold. Making Moves…Trusting your desires. Trusting yourself.

Asking for what you want. What you desire. What your insides are seeking…without any fear of the outcome. The thing that you are holding back could be a ticket to xyz. It could provide you with the support, the push, the very thing that you are needing to proceed. It could do something that you never even thought it could.

Why is it that so many get afraid in asking. The absolute worst case that will happen is really just two things.

  1. You get zero response/interest
  2. You get a NO

There is absolutely nothing life or death in either of those scenarios.

I get it. It sucks to get zero reply or meh energy. Just like NO’s are not what you want.

No’s are probably just what you need, though. The more no’s you get, the more rejection you get the more it pushes you. And if it does not have that effect than you probably are not strong enough. You can’t let either of these scenarios (which happen to everybody – Joe Schmo and Joe Riches) stop you from asking or stop you from believing in yourself. The first time you get rejected or you get a solid no – it will sting. Let it. Feel it. Then move on. It’s funny but eventually, you get to that point where it doesn’t even phase you. Every no it gets easier.

Sounds weird but it is really how it goes. You can’t let the outcome hold you back from asking, trying or doing something. So, let the no’s come in. And let them come in quickly. So that you get comfortable enough that it doesn’t stop you.

In biz & in life find the strength to do do do. Is your heart, your gut saying yes? Go with your feelings and heart rather than letting your over-analyzing mind or FEAR take over and hinder you from stepping out and asking boldly for what you want.

Ask that entrepreneur that has a successful biz.

Ask that person that impresses you.

Ask that seemingly famous balling bad ass.

Ask for that raise.

Ask for a relocation.

Ask for more responsibilities.

Ask for less.

Ask for a referral.

Ask for a shoulder to cry on.

Ask for a celebration.

Ask for the very thing that scares you.


Fuck the fear. Stand Up for YOU. Stand Up for Your Biz. Stand up for your needs.

You never know when this will flip on you and you can say yes (or no)
Side Note. Do learn how to say a full yes or no only because maybes suck and silence isn’t good. Just learn how to connect to your gut and say yes or no.

Go with your gut instinct. Detach from the outcome. Attach to the possibility. 

Ashley Taylor Yannello is the hostess of a refreshing daily podcast, Real Talk with Ashley ( Ashley has a huge heart, is a ENFJ and loves authentically connecting with people all over the world! She has been seen on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, PRSUIT and Influencive to name a few. Say HI IG, Snapchat, Twitter: ataylory


  1. So Ash, guess what I did?...I reached out to a significant expert in the field I want to pursue and she REPLIED and was super nice and gave the best advice! It felt great to put your advice into action and see're the truth..Thanks girl!

    • Ahhh YES Laketa!! Get it :) I'm so so happy that you reached out and you got a reply! Keep it up and keep on going xoxo lots of love to you! Ashley

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