What You Can Learn From Australian Rapper 360


Matt Colwell or more known as Australian rapper 360 is a true inspiration who has an incredible story to tell the world.

At the age of 18 years, 360 contracted a disease of his right eye. On 18 July 2010, 360 was involved in a go-karting accident while celebrating his birthday with Sydney-based hip-hop artists Bliss n Eso. He suffered a torn artery, lacerated pancreas and a damaged scrotum. 360 is no ordinary rapper, he is very humble and honest to his fans which show through all his social media posts, videos and live appearances.

So what can you learn from this majorly successful rapper?

1. We are all human.

Matt show’s that no matter what happens in your life that you can make a legacy regardless of your current situation, no matter the pain you’re going through you can revert that pain into something truly outstanding. Colwell said:

“This is the darkest of the dark for me. I’m unsure whether the shrinks will want me to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital or not (F that) but I’m pretty hellbent on getting through this at home using the gym to help but mainly do what I do best and create art out of pain. This s**t really sucks, but one thing I am glad it will bring out some powerful tunes from me.”

This is something we can all learn from, turn pain into purpose, make something of your life no matter what is going on, this shows evidently in 360.

2. Be Authentic.

Colwell told his fans that he would be “MIA” for a little while as he worked to channel his sadness into music. For someone with such a big following to come out and say this authentically I couldn’t even imagine how hard that would have been, this is a huge lesson to all that don’t think that your parents, friends and family care about you. If you’re struggling to tell someone. Being authentic is one of the biggest ways to success and Matt shows this on a daily basis with a little humour added in.

He articulated:

“I will not let this s**t win. I am sorry that this is dark and depressing but I have never been this low before in my life.

3. Speak your problems.

Hours before his Byron Bay set 360 had taken 120 pills, passed out, and been found convulsing on the floor. He was not trying to kill himself, he said later in hospital. Actually, he had been taking 90 painkillers a day for every day of the tour. He could not stop taking them. He was addicted to codeine, an opiate derived from morphine, present in drugs such as Nurofen Plus. He had been addicted for years.

Coming clean and using the pain of the addiction to making better music for his fans is what he has done, he’s truly amazing and just shows if you’re struggling, tell someone there is always someone there to help no matter what.

4. Treat Celebrities as ‘people’.

Watching Matt’s story it shines the spotlight that celebrities are people too, they have problems, they go through struggles and mental problems as well, you’re not alone.

5. Be Grateful.

360 is an overly grateful, humble and amazing man. After he had his surgery on his eye this is what he said:

“I wish I could thank the person who donated their cornea to me. I am now an organ donor and hope that when my time comes, I can help someone in the same way that I have been helped”

Honestly, the gratitude coming from Matt should be used by everyone. I have followed 360’s journey the whole way and I’ll continue to do so, he is an idol of mine and the lessons he has taught me I am more than grateful for.


My name is Spencer Porter and these are some of the lessons that I’ve learnt from 360.


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