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You won’t make it in the music industry they say; anyone can be a DJ ‘it’s not that hard’. Rueben Heenan is a prime example that it isn’t as easy as it seems but also that no matter where you come from or what you do, that you can make a dream come true.

Rueben Heenan is an Australian DJ by the name of Press Play and has been an expert in this industry for the past 10 years, his ambition, love and passion for music, in general, is very evident to the naked eye. Two years ago he has the amazing accomplishment of being #33 DJ in Australia and moving up the ranks last year, So what can you learn from this young and successfully ambitious DJ?

1. Fall in love with a PASSION and don’t STOP

Passion comes in many forms, Heenan at the young age of 18 was working behind a bar at a nightclub, the dance music stole his heart and ever since hasn’t left, he described it as an “unforgettable” moment. When finding your passion you must love what you do, this is so evident in Heenan, he would stop for nothing, music is his soul and isn’t leaving. His fans, family and I can learn so much from this humble young man.


Heenan like many young teens has made ‘mistakes’ at the young age of 19 he was convicted of dealing ecstasy, this was a HUGE learning curve and something that moulded him to be the kind, caring and passionate man he is today – he wouldn’t be as successful if he didn’t go through the pain of which he has, he admits his mistakes and LEARNS. What’s different about him than others? He’s authentic and willing to give back, he doesn’t try to cover his past but more creates a better future and legacy for those around him. When asked what was the hardest moment of his ‘Career’ this was his response:

“Being young and in the nightclub scene, it was hard not to be around party drugs. I ended up hanging with the wrong crowd, and unfortunately, I ended up selling them to my friends which lead me to be caught and convicted through the court”

Heenan has a heart of gold and a mission of diamond, he will undoubtedly be the #1 DJ in Australia in the coming years with the work ethic and morals that this young man carries.

3. Advice to younger DJ’S When questioned about his biggest piece of advice to younger DJ’s he said:

“Keep at it! Don’t keep wondering, “Why haven’t I made it yet” just keep pushing and working hard. Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This was great advice to not only DJ’s but everyone in general, patience and hard work is the KEY which is more than evident in Heenan, he didn’t get where he is easily, and it wasn’t done in a day, it was via effort, persistence and hard work.

I myself am not a DJ but anyone who aspires to be an Entrepreneur, DJ, Businessman or Women or is just trying to make more of their life needs to connect with Rueben, he shows the morals and ethics of someone like no other.

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  1. Great article Spencer and about a top bloke in the Melbourne Club Scene!

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