Cody Kerns and iComeUp Are Taking Over Social Media


I got a chance to sit with 22 year old millennial all star Cody Kerns, Founder and CEO of iComeup Marketing, to chat about how he was able to take his social media agency from $0 to $65,000/month within the first 18 months of business.

Cody is a great example of a young hustler who is resourceful and action oriented.

After appearing on Grant Cardone’s “Whatever It Takes” he decided to create iComeUp to take control of his life and leave his 9-5.

Cody is a rare breed of entrepreneurs that are hungry and when they set a goal they take action and execute on it.

He believes there are 3 traits needed in order for you to leave normal behind and take your life to the next level.

They are:

  1. Obsession
  2. Team Player
  3. Decision Maker

It was these three traits combined that allowed this millennial hustler to rapidly scale his business and his life.

He saw an opportunity to grow the social media following of influencers and quickly began assembling a team that would be able to service cents on a monthly basis and grow them an average of 2,000 real followers per month !

His tactics increased the following and engagement of his clients by more than 200%.

Here’s a little background about Cody and his company.

He was born and raised in a small town called Saratoga Springs, New York.

At age 9, his alcoholic father abandoned Cody, his brother, and his mother.

That moment is when Cody knew that he would NEVER follow in his father’s footsteps and vowed to live a life of legacy creation and impact.


His single mother raised the two boys alone from age 9 and up and because of this Cody spent most of his years living with his grandparents.

His grandfather owned a Paper Recycling Company and he it was here where he first learned about entrepreneurship and being your own boss.

Cody learned invaluable lessons by watching his grandfather’s obsession to grow his business and do whatever it takes for his family.

At a young age of 12 he followed the example of his grandfather began hustling packs of gum and selling them to other middle schoolers.

He used this obsession to team build and create an empire of classmates who would sell gum for him FOR FREE and he would keep all of the profits.

Now that is quite funny and it goes to show that if you’re a compelling person to be around, then others will want to be on your team and follow you because of your presence and the value you provide in their life.

Be someone that others can follow.

Within a few months he was able to buy his own smartphone cash and that was his first taste of being a young boss.

Throughout high school he took advantage of every opportunity he had and sold sneakers, electronics, and anything he could get his hands on to resell for profit.

After high school, he pursued Business Management at Coastal Carolina University for a whole year and soon realized that college was not for him and began sales at the age of 19 with a company called Vemma Nutrition.

Again he was able to leverage his obsession and team building abilities.

Within 6 months he reached the top 5% of the company and toured around the country speaking to crowds of 10 to 1000+ sharing his story and success.

He built homes in Guatemala and learned a lot about people and sales.

Now at age 21, after 2 years of doing sales with Vemma Nutrition, he decided to give the corporate world a try and got hired at a logistics company where he was earning roughly $35,000.00/year with full benefits.

After 6 months of the real world he felt like a caged animal and knew that he needed to make a big leap.

Inspired by one of his role models and mentors, Grant Cardone, he decided to apply for his online TV show  “Whatever it Takes”.

He was casted on Episode 6 of Season 2 and finished 4/14.

It was in this moment that Cody decided to leave normal behind and take his life to the next level.

He made a decision.

The same day he was kicked off  the show was the day he created iComeUp Marketing with his younger brother and best friend.

He tapped back into his old entrepreneurial ways with a new intensity that catapulted his business.

In the past 18 months they have taken a mere idea and grown it into a company that is producing $25,000.00 to $65,000.00 in revenue per month and scaling FAST.

At this rate by year two the company should be generating between $750k- $1M in total revenue.

Through iComeUp he has helped over 30 people earn a part-time or full-time income.

Providing value for your team is so important.

There are currently 20+ active affiliates that train and work with the company on a daily basis.

In total iComeUp has worked with over 500+ brands ranging from influencers and sole proprietors to small businesses and large companies.

Through their techniques they have helped people create an income stream through social media by gaining them hundreds to thousands of qualified leads per month online.

If you’re a Young Hustler looking to have increased sales, brand exposure, recognition, sponsorship and promotion then you need to get in contact with Cody.

You can reach out to them here:

Instagram- @iComeUp 16,000 Followers

Snapchat- @iComeUp 3,000+ Viewers

Twitter- @iComeUpLLC 2,100 Followers


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