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Have you ever thought about building your brand, becoming an entrepreneur or being a millennial thought-leader?

There are so many so-called entrepreneurs and people that want to make an ‘Impact’ in this world. Uylses Osuna is the person who has and is doing what so many would only dream of. Ulyses Osuna is a 20-year-old entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Influencer Press. Influencer Press is a PR firm that works with Influencers who have thousands and even millions of followers, Influencer Press then gets them on major publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine and more. Osuna is the millennial ‘Influencer’ of the influencers, making a huge wave in the entrepreneurial world and is an idol to so many in the PR and entrepreneurial space. When Osuna was asked what makes him different to other entrepreneurs and Influencers, he replied:

” There’s a ton of online markers but Neil Patel is The One. I am the One who will put in the time, the One who will dedicate myself fully to my craft, the One who will outwork the Entepreneur who says they will outwork everyone. I’m that guy. The guy people talk about when they say ” When you’re out there partying, getting drunk, having fun, someone out there at the same time is working, grinding and getting closer to their goals” I am that guy. ”

Osuna grew up in a small town and says this had a positive profound impact on his success and where he is today. Osuna said if he was to live in a big city, the temptation to do other stuff would be a lot bigger and he would have a harder time concentrating on the things that truly matter. Now not only is Osuna an impressive entrepreneur but he is an impressive person, now 20 years of age and running a prestigious company that so many know about. So what can you learn from this Millennial thought-leader?


    Osuna admitted that he knows entrepreneurs that work harder than him but said that if you know the game, you’re not only working hard you are working smart; Working smart is what a true ‘Hustler’ will do, if you’re working smart then you are winning.


    Give everyone a chance to connect, you never know what they can bring to you and your business. When reaching out to Ulyses he is quick to reply and always wants to see how he can benefit you and your business, he is such a selfless person. We can all learn from him; give our time, it is the most value gift we can give away, if you don’t give a dime out of a dollar you’ll never give a million out of a billion, learn to give time and effort – be present with people, it is the greatest gift you can ever give.

  3.  BE THE ‘ONE’

    Have faith in yourself, your brand and whatever you do because at the end of the day, if you don’t have faith in you then how can you expect others to believe in YOU. Osuna is a prime example of how to stay humble yet be confident in what you do, he speaks so passionately about himself and his achievements; the difference between him and others is that what he says actually becomes reality, he works smart and hard and gets the results he promises to his following. Don’t forget if you promise you will finish or start something you must finish or start that goal, make sure you have someone to keep you accountable.

When speaking with Uylses Osuna I was truly impressed by his current, past and present achievements and I have no doubt that many will gain an abundance of knowledge from him.

My name is Spencer Porter and this is my feature on the one and only millennial Influencer Ulyses Osuna.



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