Five Ways To Boost Creativity While Running Your Business


Whether you are running your own business or are employed with a company, balancing creativity with everyday business operations is demanding. We’re used to letting our professional obligations take control, and end up letting our creativity take a backseat.

But creativity is necessary for any business to grow. In order to achieve breakthroughs and those “AH HA” moments, it’s crucial we keep our creative juices flowing. While there is no concrete formula to getting it right, there are five do’s and don’t’s for sharpening your brain.

Make Time For Passion Projects

We all have that one thing we love to do. Some of us are lucky enough to have it be a part of our jobs while others have it as their release. No matter the case, it is more than important that we find time to indulge in projects that we are passionate about.

Personally, I find about 2-3 hours a week to work on an idea, product, or project I find very interesting and something that may be a strong asset in the future. However, this process is more about playing around and free flowing ideas to have fun while conceptualizing rather then applying business structure or processes to it. Not everything has to be serious, its good to have structure, but when following a passion, it can be good to let it, lead you.

Read Constantly

 There’s no creativity without knowledge. As you expand your reading appetite, you create additional perspectives. Each perspective can be utilized as an asset that can be applied to a situation, product, or problem from not one but multiple angles.

The saying; “knowledge is power” is never going to become obsolete. Its up to you to continuously improve yourself and reading is one the best way to do so.

Find a topic, book, article, or magazine that interests you and spend 20-30 min a day learning about something new.

Don’t Ditch Exercise And Mindfulness

Creativity brings complexity. Sometimes we get bogged down with too many thoughts and lose the ability to focus. Exercise and meditation are great solutions to break through the roadblock, allowing your body to release endorphins and channel your focus. This brings structure to your thoughts. The best part? You don’t need to set an hour aside for it; a ten-minute meditation round will do wonders for you.

One of the best ways to start meditation is to go download one of the many apps available and find sometime in the morning after you wake up, or while you commute to experience the benefits.

Don’t worry about others looking at you or thinking what you are doing, just channel your focus and you will begin to experience a new form of clarity when it comes to the way you structure your day, thoughts, and aspirations.

Prioritize Communication In Your Business

It’s tough to connect everyone you work with but neglecting those relationships will lead to poor communication and bad results. Make time for cross-team collaborations; they are necessary for business growth and can be incredibly valuable for revealing a new perspective on a project.

One of the best ways that we encourage employees to communicate is by making a “lunch-date” schedule—once a week have a coffee or go to lunch with someone you don’t have the opportunity to connect with often. This is a great way to build a strong company culture and more importantly new friendships.

Don’t Cling To Old Habits

 While habits can be healthy, it’s useful to switch up your behavior patterns and daily routine on a monthly basis. Maybe you’re a nightly Netflix watcher. Switch it up some time. Do something that requires thought and input. Habits make or break us. Make sure you’re not clinging on to old patterns that are more harmful than harmless.

A good way to address what might be a bad habit is to breakdown the structure of your day into percentages for example: Sleep 25%, Work 30% , Gym 10%, Netflix 5% and etc.  This will enable you to see what habits are taking up a majority of your time and assess if you should scale back on one or more that may not be having as positive of an input on who you would like to become as the others.


Incorporating these activities into your daily life may be intimidating at first, but the reward outweighs the initial struggle. By using these five simple and easy-to-do tips in your life, you will be on your way to balancing work and creativity while creating new perceptions, habits, and friendships; cant beat that.


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