Teenage Overnight Successes; Spencer Porter and Nick Young 

Have you ever wanted to own a multinational start-up, involving several influential millionaires and start-up owners?

This was made a reality for Spencer Porter and Nick Young. These ambitious Australian teenagers could be seen as an overnight success, but their hard work, determination and drive is what has created their story to be what it is today.

The limelight is shining brighter than ever, on January 1st their multinational online publishing firm, HustleTime is being launched to the world.

From an 8-week premature miracle to an Immigrated teenager both of these amazing millennials are making a huge difference in the voice of Hustlers, Entrepreneurs, and the average day businessman or women.

HustleTime is an internationally connected brand giving a home and a voice to Hustlers across the globe, what is a Hustler:

Hustler: An enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.

Spencer Porter accidentally fell into the entrepreneurial world. For those who didn’t know, Spencer was born 8 weeks premature fighting against the odds, his mother passed away when he was 10 months old; Spencer continues to say he is not only living his life for himself but for his mother also. From the age of 12 Spencer has had the entrepreneurial mindset, from washing cars to running a lemonade stand out the front of his aunt’s house, he has always been searching for that ‘something more’ in life.

“ You know an idea is great when impacting others lives and giving others a voice is the goal “

This is exactly what Spencer said to me when I questioned him about HustleTime and how it started. Spencer and Nick have been great friends for the last 5 years and over the last few they made the promise to each other that they would find a way to impact others lives in the biggest way possible.

Nick Young immigrated to Australia with his family in early 2009, he has always been quite the introverted person but said that Spencer has brought out his ‘voice’. Nick has always been a thinker, an innovator, and an ideas man, always wanting to solve problems, questioning how things work and why they do what they do. When I asked him why he has gone from such a quiet person to a well spoken young international entrepreneur he said:

“ There comes a time when you want to speak how you feel without judgement, express how you’re feeling and impact others lives, I felt being quiet wasn’t who I truly was, and although I still have a long way to come I am proud of who I am today and what I am doing “

Both Nick and Spencer’s stories are truly remarkable. I can’t even begin to think what it is like to go through the hardship of moving country with no friends and the struggle of losing a parent at such a young age, I do not pity these young inspiring men – I’m overly motivated and inspired by not only their past but their present.

Creating a multinational start-up, inspiring thousands and having such a strong form of resiliency is what makes them so amazing.

Not only is HustleTime giving the opportunity for those exclusive contributors to speak their mind and knowledge to fellow, Hustlers and Entrepreneur’s but also is awarding an award called The Hustler Of The Month, this award is awarded to someone around the world that is seen to have unlimited potential in business and life because of their Hustle, ethics and morals that they display. This award is judged by an amazing panel of featured contributors that have endless knowledge of what it takes to succeed.